Pontoon Trailer Marker Red Light

SKU: T-112903R
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A red light means stop but don’t go until you make sure your truck’s or trailer’s clearance marker lights are ready for the road. ¾” Red/Red LED Clearance Marker Bullet Lights will keep your Pontoon Boat Trailer safe and on the road, with up-to-date LED technology and three LED lights rated to 12 volts and tested to 13.8 volts. Along with their PC and P2 ratings, these lights are compliant with DOT FMVSS 108/SAE. The engineered lens diffuses the light from the three LED bulbs to reduce glare and improve reflective flare. And these lights are epoxy sealed to keep moisture out, prolonging use.


  • Compact size, easy for installation by drilling a 3/4" hole and pushing it in.

  • Two-wire design includes separate lead and ground wires with bullet terminals.

  • PC lens, ABS housing and LED circuitry completely sealed with epoxy to ensure a permanent and water proof seal.

  • Meets PC and P2 rating of DOT FMVSS 108/SAE requirements.

  • Rated for 12V, tested to 13.8V